Filmmakers Get More DVD Sales on Amazon

Filmmakers Get More DVD Sales on Amazon

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The indie filmmaker no longer needs a sales agent or distributor. They can take their film to the marketplace with Amazon and see their profits. The independent filmmaker still makes a tidy profit on DVD and Blu Ray sales, especially those sold in the stores and with major online retailers. Don't leave hundreds of thousands of potential profits on the table. Money is to be made in DVD sales still. We spearheaded a filmmaker friendly distribution company a couple years ago and learned the ins and outs of how to sell a title in all outlets, worldwide.  

This eBook shares our strategy for the Amazon platform, outlining the PPC optimizations that our company uses to increase profits for our titles on Amazon. Without executing these methods, a title could be akin to a needle in a haystack.

Written for Filmmakers to Help Increase their Profits
The tools you need to build an effective campaign
Learn the way to maximize your budget 
Step by Step Instructions with real sales chart samples
Bonus Tips Included
Instant Access - Your price: $9.99 $5.99 (for a limited time only)

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